Regional media hub to be created in Astana

KazMedia Center in Astana plans to become a regional media hub offering its infrastructure to foreign partners on a paid basis, Kazakhstan's Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev said Wednesday. "We want to create the regional media hub on the basis of KazMedia Center in the mid-term," said Minister Abayev speaking at the Astana Media Week. According to Abayev, there are plans to offer neighbors and foreign partners to use the KazMedia Center platform and studios to create their content, make films and many other things on a paid basis. The idea to create the regional media hub is dictated by the growing interest of the government and the society to the problems of mass communications, social media and the Internet. It should be mentioned that the Astana Media Week brought together 93 production companies, 15 local and seven foreign TV channels.

Created at : 4.10.2017, 12:15, Updated at : 4.10.2017, 12:15