Cultural and humanitarian cooperation

Cultural and humanitarian cooperation

From 2002 UNESCO / Norwegian Trust Fund implemented a project on the management, conservation and presentation of petroglyphs of Tamgaly. The result of the joint efforts of UNESCO, government agencies, RSE RPI monuments of material culture of Kazakhstan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the CN Norwegian cultural heritage was the inclusion of petroglyphs in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004.

The realization of the joint project of "Kurgan DNA" researching the hypothesis of ethnographic and cultural ties between the peoples of Kazakhstan and Norway. The analysis of the collected genetic materials confirms that more than 50% of the Norwegian population has a close genetic relationship with the peoples of the ancient Kazakhstan by paternal line. Project participants are confident that the starting long-term cooperation between Kazakhstan and Norway will prove the unity of historical ancestors, and their modern descendants. The test results are expected in the near future.

Kazakh Diaspora in the Kingdom of Norway

The former compatriots and Kazakhstan citizens are regularly invited to participate in the activities of the Embassy. These activities are aimed at supporting the links between the Kazakh Diaspora and the Republic of Kazakhstan, along with the promotion of Kazakh culture among the general public of the Norwegian community.

Kazakh-Norwegian Cultural Center keeps functioning on an ongoing basis. There are social societies open for children regarding the study of Kazakh language and national dance and music in this center.

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