Citizens of Kazakhstan abroad to participate in the presidential election

A snap presidential election is taking place in Kazakhstan on 9 June 2019. According to the country's Constitution, all citizens of Kazakhstan who are temporarily abroad, and are eligible to vote, will have the opportunity to participate.

Based on the submission by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the territorial election commission of the city of Nur-Sultan is opening 64 polling stations in 51 foreign countries. Their addresses can be found at, as well as at

In accordance with clause 8 of Article 24 of the Constitutional Law “On Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan", voter lists for polling stations at Kazakhstan's diplomatic missions in foreign states will be updated before the voting day. It is expected that about 15 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan are intending to vote abroad. It is important to note that the voter lists are compiled on the basis of written applications of citizens submitted to the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as information about citizens permanently residing outside the country's territory.

This can include those on long-term foreign business trips, as well as being abroad by private invitation, on official business or tourist trips and who have consular registration. In this regard, every citizen of Kazakhstan who has travelled abroad can ensure the inclusion of their data in the voter lists by contacting foreign missions in advance.

Created at : 7.06.2019, 04:20, Updated at : 7.06.2019, 05:05