Kazakhstan harvests 21.4 mln tons of grain

As of October 2, Kazakhstan's grain harvest exceeded 21,4 million tons, Kazinform has learnt from the Ministry of Agriculture. According to regional agricultural departments, as of October 2, a total of 15,185,700 hectares or 99.3% of areas under crops have been harvested across the country. Average yields has amounted to 14.1 centners per hectare. Last year, a total of 13,907,800 ha or 91.5% of areas under crops were harvested. Over 20,8 million tons were cropped. The average yield made up 14.9 centners per hectare. The harvested area made 15,295,300 ha in 2017 and 15,275,100 ha in 2016.

Created at : 2.10.2017, 12:45, Updated at : 2.10.2017, 12:45