18 June, Oslo - "Kazakhstan: New Economic Opportunities" business seminar

A business seminar with the participation of Mr.Roman Vassilenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan

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Transport, agriculture, financial services on Kazakh-Norwegian business agenda

JUNE 2019, OSLO - Kazakhstan's Deputy Foreign Minister, Roman Vassilenko, is to visit Norway on 17-19 June. Upon the invitation of the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ine Eriksen Søreide, the Kazakh diplomat will participate at the Oslo Forum on mediation in armed conflicts.

During the visit, Mr. Vassilenko will also hold meetings with the representatives of the Norwegian business community to discuss the prospects of economic cooperation between the two countries. Deputy Minister will arrive a week after the presidential elections in Kazakhstan to be held on 9 June. The Norwegian businessmen will receive firsthand information on the Kazakh Government's economic and investment policies under the new President.

According to Kazakhstan's Embassy in Oslo, the annual trade turnover between the two countries is slightly over $60 mln, which signifies the huge unutilized potential for business-to-business interaction. Diplomats single out three major areas for economic cooperation:

- Transports and logistics, with a focus on a fast cargo railroad link, which already connects most of Europe with Central and East Asia.

- Agriculture - grain imports from Kazakhstan, Norwegian fish exports, aquaculture, and meat processing technologies.

- Financial services, with emphasis on the opportunities at the Astana International Financial Centre (aifc.kz), a regional hub with a jurisdiction based on the English law, and standards applied by the world's leading financial centers.

"Certainly, this list of priorities can be extended. Once there is an interest on the business side, the Embassy is ready to provide the Kazakh Government's support in every possible way," the diplomatic mission says.

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