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Kazakhstan has a rich and varied culture, which reflects both our nomadic heritage and our modernising national identity. This important combination of ancient and contemporary culture reflects the openness and inclusivity of our country, values which are at the foundation of Kazakh society.

We are committed to preserving and celebrating this unique culture, which can be seen in the articles below. These include recent news and initiatives surrounding Kazakhstan's history, tourism, nature, and arts.

Anthologies of Kazakh prose and poetry by Cambridge University Press

Why Kazakhstan should be on your travel list

Why Kazakhstan should be on your travel list

Kazakhstan: The Land of Wonders

Musical Instruments Museum in Almaty

Botay – Burabay the Open-Air Museum


10 interesting facts about Bauyrzhan Momyshuly

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Alla Ilchun, Kazakh muse of Christian Dior

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Korgalzhyn: land of birds, saline lakes and blue sky

Mangistau region: home to 362 sacred sites

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First Kazakh professional dancer Shara Zhienkulova

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Discover a heaven for birdwatchers: the best birdwatching destinations in Kazakhstan

World musical heritage in the heart of Eurasia

Keeping up with the times!

Connected through music

Kazakh quartet

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