Kazakhstan commemorates Day of remembrance of the victims of political repressions

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed Kazakhstanis on the occasion of the Day of remembrance of the victims of political repressions. The text of the address is published at Kazakhstanskaya Pravda Daily.

"Today we mark the Day of remembrance of the victims of political repressions. We should clearly understand the origins and reasons of the tragedy our people passed through in the 20th century. The October political coup of 1917 and civil war broke the evolutionary development ruining traditional life. Then came accelerated agricultural collectivization of the Soviet government accompanied by famine and direct violence. As a result, our people suffered one of the greatest demographic losses that are rare met in the world history," the message reads.

"About 2 million people died and about one million had to leave the country in 1929-1933. The following political repressions led to mass deaths of the Kazakh society elite. 25,000 out 103,000 convicted were sentenced to be shot for political reasons. 11 camps were built in the territory of Kazakhstan to keep in custody those repressed and their family members.

Not only Kazakhs were subject to repressions, but also 1,500,000 people of other nationalities were deported by force to Kazakhstan. These were the results of the "bright future of communism" tragic experiment. Such things happen when a revolution takes place instead of evolutionary development.

Despite losses our people have preserved their best national characteristics, preserved the centuries-long wisdom. But the people will always remember those black ordeals, will guard and evaluate the greatest achievement, our Independence. Therefore social unity, interethnic consent and stable economy and high international authority of Kazakhstan are the dependable guarantees from the turmoil our people survived in the 20th century. We should always value these achievements never to repeat those sad pages of the past," the Head of State resumed.


Created at : 31.05.2018, 08:00, Updated at : 31.05.2018, 08:00