Happy Unity Day of people of Kazakhstan!

In Independent Kazakhstan the holiday started being celebrated in 1996. On October 18, 1995 the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the decree on the announcement on May 1 in the Afternoon of unity of the people of Kazakhstan, having cancelled thereby celebration of the Labor Day.

In this day festive events for unity of all people living in the Republic are held, as Kazakhstan — the multinational state. More than 150 nationalities and nationalities live in the country.

How people celebrate this day? People sing various songs, dance and play different gams. Those who were on celebration of this Day know the scale and pleasure of this holiday. Participation of various cultural centers in the holiday in order to acquaint people of Kazakhstan with tradition of other people has a huge value.

Not only cultural centers, but also labor collectives, students and representatives of various public associations participate in this holiday.

Perhaps, the brightest point of the holiday is the ethno-cultural exhibition. In front of the Central park of Astana the national dwellings of representatives of all nations and nationalizes living in Kazakhstan are established. These are peculiar mini-museums where it is possible to see piece of clothing, traditional utensils, jewelry of different nationalities, but the most important there is a chance to try dishes of different ethnic cuisine.

Besides, in this day the museums and libraries of Kazakhstan organize the exhibitions devoted to the holiday and the people living in Kazakhstan. This holiday not simply acquaints the people of Kazakhstan with traditions and culture of other nationalities living in the territory of the country, but it is urged to consolidate the nation in a whole.


Created at : 1.05.2018, 10:00, Updated at : 1.05.2018, 10:00