Bakytzhan Sagintayev meets with CEO of one of world's 20 leading innovation companies, Idris Jala

At the meeting, issues of interaction with government structures and the business community of Malaysia on joint implementation of innovative projects and the exchange of experience in the areas of economic transformation, the transformation of governmental institutions and the development of optimal solutions for managing the activities of the state apparatus were discussed.

Kazakhstan views Malaysia as one of the key partners in the South-East Asia region. The countries develop dynamic bilateral political cooperation. Astana and Kuala Lumpur maintain regular contacts at the highest level.

Currently, Malaysia is implementing the National Transformation Program (NTP), which consists of two components: the Government Transformation Program (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Program (ETP). These programs have similar goals and objectives with the main directions of Kazakhstan's economic policy.

In 2009, in order to ensure the staged implementation, analysis of achievements and shortcomings in the economic strategy, a special governmental structure was created under the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia: the Performance Management Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), whose functions included monitoring the progress of state programs implementation.

For reference: According to the Bloomberg magazine, PEMANDU was recognized as one of the world's top 20 government innovation companies, and its Chief Executive Officer, Dato' Sri Idris Jala, is among the most influential politicians in Asia.

Today PEMANDU has the status of an independent consulting company in the field of public sector transformation and business development. It acts as the main body for the implementation of the methodology of the “Big Fast Results" (BFR), and "6 Secrets of Transformation". The BFR system is a symbiosis of corporate knowledge and practices of the public and private sectors. Its main function is the analysis of the population's expectations and effective achievement of macroeconomic indicators. At the same time, the use of BFR allows developing effective mechanisms for implementing the goals set and improving the efficiency of the state bodies' performane.

Idris Jala worked in the Royal Dutch Shell oil and gas company, he was the managing director of Shell Sri Lanka and Shell Malaysia, served as Vice President of Shell International, CEO of the Malaysia National State Airlines, and was Malaysia's Senator and Minister at the Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Created at : 18.05.2018, 11:05, Updated at : 18.05.2018, 11:05