Rotterdam has a 3rd edition of ‘World Port Boxing’

November 17, Rotterdam Excelsior Stadium has a boxing match between national teams of Kazakhstan and the Netherlands. This year Dutch Boxing Federation after the United States (2017) and Cuba (2018), has invited Kazakh boxing team to the 3rd edition of the “World Port Boxing” tournament.

Dutch Federation for this tournament with Kazakh opponents installed a special hemispherical tent in the Rotterdam stadium with a capacity of 1750 guests simultaneously, all tickets for the event were sold out completely.

Kazakhstan national team led by trainer Galymbek Kenzhebaev was represented by eight boxers - 6 men and 2 women athletes. G. Kenzhebaev's total coaching experience is more than 35 years; from 1998 to 2005 he was a personal trainer of Gennady Golovkin. Youth boxing team of Kazakhstan under his supervision in 2014 gained a victory at the World championship. 

Nine fights were represented by strongest athletes from both countries, including a female fight between Aida Abikeeva and Mira Massing in the 57 kg weight category which kicks off a battle. The whole fight was full of equal and active resistance of both sportswomen, but according to the results of 3 rounds, judges unanimously awarded the victory to Kazakhstani athlete. “The fight was difficult, but I was preparing very seriously. I knew that my opponent is strong and could resist a punch well. But another difficulty was to start the battle in order to set the tune of the entire match’’, noted Abikeyeva.

Another three-round meeting was held between a bronze winner of the 2019 World Boxing Championship Abylaykhan Zhusupov and Delano James in the 69 kg weight category. Zhusupov possessed confident advantage, the fight was plenty of sudden attacks, and in the third round by decision of judges a boxer from Karagandy came out the winner.

Talgat Shaiken was an undoubted star of this evening, he crossed his gloves twice with Delano James and Sammy Wagensveld. Shaiken, who holds obvious superiority throughout the fight, achieves a victory against Wagensveld and the fight was stopped in the second round due to a series of powerful punches of the Kazakh boxer that remained unresponsive.

International boxing match “World Port Boxing III” with nine meetings of athletes of Kazakhstan and the Netherlands ended up with six victories of Kazakhstan, which confirming once more the fact that Kazakhstan is one of the world’s strongest boxing nation.

Created at : 18.11.2019, 16:00, Updated at : 18.11.2019, 16:00