The Embassy of Kazakhstan in The Hague hosted the "Open Day" for Kazakhstan community in the Netherlands

On 28th of April 2018 Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Hague have held an “Open Day” for the Kazakhstan community in the Netherlands.

During the meeting, the series of documentary movies were shown to the guests. This documentaries talked about the current initiatives of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the Message of the President to the citizens of Kazakhstan "New Opportunities for Development in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution", the program of the public consciousness modernization "Ruhani Zhangyru", also the message of the President of Kazakhstan to the citizens of Kazakhstan "Five social initiatives".
During the discussion with the representatives of the Embassy, guests have mentioned the positive trend of social and economic transformations in Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, the tour around the Embassy was held for the guests, in order to understand the process of diplomatic work including the Consular department, here participants were able to get the exhaustive answers regarding the consular work. The consular have talked through the functionality of the department for the Kazakhstan citizens in the Netherlands, where the protection of rights and interests were explained, including the regulations of the provision of consular services, the registration process for the consular records, the registration of civil status acts, the formation of the passport in the consular department and etc.

The Embassy staff have thanked the guests for showing a great interest in the work of Kazakhstan representatives abroad, moreover it was noted that many talented people from Kazakhstan are working and studying in the Netherlands, whose knowledge and skills, in its turn, have been highly estimated by the top universities and international companies.

By the end of the event the citizens of Kazakhstan have assured that the knowledge and the experience, gained in the Netherlands, will be fully used for the sake of their homeland, the last point was the request from the Kazakhstan community to have similar events on regular basis.

Created at : 3.05.2018, 12:30, Updated at : 3.05.2018, 12:30