The Dutch port of Rotterdam hosted a solemn ceremony of launching Kazakhstan’s tugboats

On May 22, 2018, the solemn ceremony of launching tugboats “Raimbek batyr” and “Nauryzbai batyr” of ice class for the subsequent exploitation in the northern part of the Caspian Sea, assembled at the Dutch shipyard “De Hoop International Lobith” by order of Kazakh company “Caspian Offshore Construction”, took place in the seaport of Rotterdam.

Marine tugs will be sent from the port of Rotterdam under Kazakh flags and follow through inland waterways of the Russian Federation to the Caspian Sea to the Kazakhstan port of Bautino.

The Dutch company built six marine tugs that bear the names of Kazakhstan's batyrs “Kabanbay batyr”, "Karasay batyr”, “Bogenbay batyr” and Otegen batyr”.

Naval vessels will be used to transport bulky cargo through the shipping channel in the northeastern sector of the Caspian Sea in the vicinity of the Prorva Peninsula, intended for the construction of Tengizchevroil's third plant, the so-called Future Expansion Project, the world's largest infrastructure construction project for the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan. According to experts, after the completion of the plant, oil production, starting in 2022, will increase by 10 million tons per year.

It is noteworthy that works on dredging, survey of the territory and arrangement of the channel are made by the Van Oord Company from the Netherlands, and one of the design companies was the Dutch Witteveen + Bos Caspian.

As Kazakhstan's Ambassador to the Netherlands Magzhan Ilyasov noted, “the expansion of the "Caspian Offshore Construction" company's fleet plays a huge role for the development of the Kazakh part of the Caspian Sea. With the help of marine tugs and the use of a navigable canal, it is possible to significantly reduce the time costs of transporting goods, since the project allows using by-pass routes, bypassing the seaports of Aktau, Bautino and Atyrau river port. “

The event was attended by representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Netherlands, the project team, as well as more than 60 companies - business partners from Kazakhstan and the Dutch side.


The Dutch shipyard De Hoop International Lobith is the oldest shipbuilding company in the Netherlands, founded in 1889. Today it occupies a leading position in the Dutch shipbuilding industry with an annual turnover of 100 million euros. On average, a year collects from 5 to 9 vessels of varying degrees of complexity. It has in its arsenal three ship-raising docks for the construction of ships, one of which is the largest in the country.

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