Honorary Consul

Curriculum Vitae: Rini Wagtmans


Name: Wagtmans. Marinus (Rini) Cornelis

Title: Knight of Orange and Nassau (eng; Sir) granted by H.M. Beatrix Queen of the Netherlands for achievements in sports, business and social welfare activities.

Nationality: Dutch

Date of birth: 26th of December 1946

Marital status: Married to Maria de Bruijn since the 9th of august 1966

Address: Pastoor Palsstraat 33, 4711 CN, St-Willebrord, The Netherlands

Phone: ++31-165-383023 (home)

++31-165-386148 (office)

GSM: ++31-6-53171111

Fax: ++31-165-386762

E-mail: rini@wagtmans.nl


As being a member of a family which is nowadays already more than seventy years involved with professional cycling, starting a career as a professional cyclist was a logic step. I found out at an early age, that being physically gifted was not enough to reach for the top. It was my determination, dedication, perseverance and a good dose of intelligence what made the difference. I left school at the age of 16 and developed myself as an autodidact.

Once being a professional cyclist I came into a international environment of cyclists, managers and different cultures. During this period I developed a strong and analytical interest in other cultures and learned to speak several European languages.

I consider clarity in communication, honesty, word keeping, easy personal inter-relations and identifying oneself with other cultures and people to be essential for both success in international team sports as in international business.


* Proven leadership and human management skills

* Proven successful entrepreneur

* Bridge builder and pioneer in exploring foreign (new) markets

* Highly experienced / familiar with commercial international business as well as the culture

of government / politics and European regulations

* Proven negotiator skills

* Problem shooter and solver

* Management recruiter and talent scout

* National and international business and sports network holder

* Languages: English, French, German, Dutch

* IT: Word, Excel, Windows


Professional cyclist 1966 – 1973

Major victories: Winner pre Olympics Mexico 1966

Overall winner Tour of Austria 1967

2nd place overall 4 days of Dunkerque 1969

6th place overall Tour de France 1969

3rd place overall Vuelta en Espana 1969

5th place overall Tour de France 1970

Winner of 3 stages in the Tour de France

Bearer of the yellow jersey Tour de France

Winner of 2 stages in the Vuelta en Espana

* Coach of the national Dutch cycling team 1977 – 1981.

* Olympic chef d'equipe Moscow 1980

* Chairman of the Royal Dutch Cycling Federation (KNWU) Region south 1980 – 1986

* Sportambassador for Kazakhstan in Europe appointed by Mr. A.C. Akpaef (†2004),

chairman of the Olympic committee 1990

* Sponsor and founder of the first Kazakhstan cyclingschool 1990


Owner of horse stables and horse riding school 1974 – 1977

Royal Borsumij Wery: Marketing and PR manager ADIDAS cycling, ARENA sportswear and ERIMA sportswear. 1977 – 1981

Founder/owner of GOWA holding, core business: worldwide trade company and producer of sportswear

Further activities with subcompanies under GOWA: international project development, international crisis management (buying, reorganizing/restructuring and selling businesses of different origin), international investments, local and regional publishing and cable television. 1981 – present. (retired in 2001, but still involved)


* City-councillor for the community of Rucphen (elected) 1978 - 1983

* Chairman football club Rood Wit 1976 – 1990

* Chairman cycling club WWV 1976 – 1982

* Chairman of the committee for the arrival of the second stage of the Tour de France in St-

Willebrord 1978

* Ambassador of the Exodus foundation (royal price winning best performing social welfare

Organization in the Netherlands 2007) 2003 – present

* Honorary Consul for the republic of Kazakhstan in the Netherlands, since July 2010


* History, politics, sociology, psychology

* Gardening

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