History and culture of Kazakhstan in a colourful comic by the French writer Jacques Ortet

Today Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Netherlands Magzhan Ilyasov received Jacques Ortet, author of the comic book ‘’The Adventures of Jacques and Bil in Kazakhstan: the Treasures of Genghis Khan’’. The book was initially published in 2018 in French and was available to readers of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada.

The adventures of photographer Jacques and his talking bird Bil reflect Ortet’s view, who has lived in Kazakhstan for 4 years, on the Kazakh history, culture, traditions, and customs.  Together with guide Dinara, they find a mysterious 13th-century manuscript and seek the treasures of Genghis Khan.

Ambassador thanked the author for a personal contribution to promote the culture and history of Kazakhstan. He also invited Mr. Orte to present the book at the event dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan in December.

In the Netherlands, the book is available for ordering on the bol.com website. In Kazakhstan, it is sold in the Meloman bookstore chain.

Created at : 19.11.2019, 19:00, Updated at : 19.11.2019, 19:00