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The Republic of Kazakhstan joined the World Health Organization on August 19, 1992 becoming its 180th member state. Geographically Kazakhstan is in the WHO's European Region. There are currently 194 member states.

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However, Kazakhstan has received recognition at the level of global public health back in September 1978 because of the WHO/UNICEF International Conference on Primary Health Care held in Alma-Ata that has had a global impact on the development of health care worldwide.

On December 12, 1994 the Government of Kazakhstan and WHO Regional Office signed a Framework Agreement on the establishment of technical and advisory cooperation in health sector. WHO - Kazakhstan Coordination and Communication Office was opened in July 1993 in Almaty. WHO is currently represented in Kazakhstan Country Office in Nur-Sultan.

In 2013 the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan and the European Regional Bureau of WHO signed a two-year Agreement on cooperation for 2014-2015. The document reflected the new vision of WHO Regional Office for Europe - better health in Europe, as well as the concepts, principles and values underpinning European health policy - Health-2020, which was adopted at the 62nd session of the Regional Committee for Europe.

Health-2020 provides four areas of strategic action: investing in health at all stages of human life and increase of opportunities for citizens; solution of most crucial problems in the region related to non-communicable diseases and communicable diseases; strengthening the health system focused on the needs of people, providing emergency preparedness.

There is also a well-established business relationship between Kazakhstan and WHO. Kazakhstan pays special attention to the dynamic development of cooperation both with the WHO Regional Office in Copenhagen and with the headquarters in Geneva. Our country shares commitment to the global partnership Stop Tuberculosis. Measures that were taken together with WHO helped in reducing the incidence of tuberculosis in Kazakhstan.

Maternal and child health is one of national priorities in Kazakhstan. In January 2008 our country adopted international criteria recommended by the WHO and UNICEF of live birth and stillbirth evaluation, thereby confirming its commitment to the protection of children's rights to survival and life.

On February 11, 2015, the World Health Organization office on primary health care was opened in Almaty during the visit of the Director of the Regional Office for Europe Zsuzsanna Jakab. The Office maintains new technologies, introduced in the European Region, to form the intellectual potential of the country's health and adapt global best practices for primary health care in Kazakhstan.

Delegations from Kazakhstan also contribute to development of partnership with WHO by their regular participation in the sessions of the World Health Assembly and the Regional Committee of WHO Europe.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a member of the governing body of the WHO - Executive Committee - for the period of 2015 to 2018.

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