UN Conference on Trade and Development

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is a permanent intergovernmental body established by the UN General Assembly in 1964. UNCTAD is a key organization of the UN General Assembly, covering trade and development matters and a coordinating center in the UN system for development matters as well as for issues related to trade, finance, technology, investment and sustainable development.

UNCTAD's key aim is to facilitate integration of developing and LCD countries and countries in transition economies into the global economy and their development through trade and investments. To achieve this, UNCTAD conducts researches and policy analysis, intergovernmental meetings, technical support and collaborates with civil society and entrepreneurs sector.

The Secretary-General of UNCTAD is Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi since September 2013.

The members of UNCTAD are 194 countries.

The Republic of Kazakhstan became a member of UN in 1992 and automatically obtained membership of UNCTAD. In 2008 Kazakhstan joined to the Council for Trade and Development, which is UNCTAD's main executive body for the Ministerial conferences that are to be held once in every 4 year. In 2008 Kazakhstan joined the group “D", which includes countries in transition economy.

Within its technical support, UNCTAD and Kazakhstan jointly conduct the following projects:

1. With the Committee of State Revenue of the Republic of Kazakhstan the work is undergoing on implementation of some modules of an Information System of Customs Management (ASYCUDA), developed by UNCTAD, in the territory of Kazakhstan.

2. UNCTAD and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan concluded an agreement on providing services for assessment of Kazakhstan's financial system (i.e. in accounting and auditing sectors) to identify areas to be improved.

3. The Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, UNCTAD and UNECE, the project on assessment of Kazakhstan's necessities was implemented as part of the implementation of the provisions of the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation. The implemented project is contributed to the improvement of Kazakhstan's position in the World Bank's "Doing Business" ranking in 2016.

Moreover, UNCTAD provided valuable assistance to Kazakhstan by improving antitrust laws and practices. The successful cooperation between Kazakhstan and UNCTAD in this area is also applied within EAEU.

Kazakhstan takes active part in the events held by the Secretariat of UNCTAD and promotes establishment of cooperation between UNCTAD and the countries in transition economies and developing countries. Kazakhstan is an active participant in the Group of Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) and facilitates that interest of these countries to be reflected in UNCTAD's documents.

The President of CTD was M. Tleuberdy, Ambassador and the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Geneva during March-September 2013. The Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan was the Vice-president of CTD for the period of September 2012 to March 2013.

Under Kazakhstan's chairmanship in UNCTAD's CTD in 2013, a Program of events was organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of UNCTAD.

Representatives of UNCTAD at high and expert levels regularly take an active part in the work of Astana Economic Forum.

During 2009-2013, the Government of Kazakhstan provided voluntary contributions in the amount of 20,000 US dollars/per year to the UNCTAD Trust Fund and directed to fund the participation of representatives from countries in transition economies, developing and least developed countries in the UNCTAD's expert meetings. In 2014-2016, the voluntary contribution is comprised 10, 000 US dollars.

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