International Civil Defence Organization

International Civil Defence Organization is the only intergovernmental organization specialized in the field of civil defense and protection at the international level.

The headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1966, was read and approved, and in 1972 entered into force the current ICDO Charter. In 1975 the Charter of this organization was registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations.

The Secretary-General of ICDO for a term of 4 years (2015-2018) is the representative of Russia Vladimir Kuvshinov.

The Supreme body is the General Assembly which consists of delegates representing member States, and meets in ordinary session every two years.

The Executive Council as the executive body of the ICDO, executes decisions of the Assembly and carries out the functions of General management of the organization. Council members are elected for four years, half the members elected every two years. The Council meets at least once a year and determines the location of each meeting.

A member of the ICDO can be any state which recognizes its Charter. Currently, members of the organization are 56 States, 18 States holding observer status, 30 organizations have an associate membership.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a member of the ICDO since 1996.

The annual contribution of Kazakhstan to the organization – 21 000 Swiss francs.

Membership in MOGO gives the opportunity to enter our country in the current international structures, training, information exchange, involvement of donor countries to investment projects on the territory of the Republic in the sphere of emergency situations.

Kazakh specialists regularly participate in ICDO seminars and training courses.

The subjects of the training courses provides for the planning and the elimination, management in emergencies, volunteers for civil protection, rescue services, interaction with mass media, modern technologies of organization of rescue and evacuation of citizens, cooperation with international organizations and national agencies in organizing and conducting humanitarian operations, medical emergencies, public notification, communications, equipment and others.

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