Starting from April 17 till December 31, 2018, citizens of the Republic of India, flying with Air Astana or any other Kazakh airline and transiting via international airports in Astana and/or Almaty to a third country or returning from a third country via Astana and/or Almaty, can enjoy a 72-hour TRANSIT VISA FREE REGIME. The 72-hour transit visa free regime is generally applicable to both individual passengers and tour groups.
1. In order to ensure the 72-hour TRANSIT VISA FREE ENTRY, please inform the Kazakh airlines staff at the check-in desk at the airport in your departure city.
2. If you plan to stay in Astana or Almaty, please book hotel in advance and make sure you contact Kazakh airline representative office before departure and provide the name of the hotel where you are staying and its address information.
3. Upon arrival at Almaty or Astana Airport, you will need to provide the following items to register at the border security station of the Kazakhstan National Security Council and obtain a TRANSIT CARD.
(1) Valid air ticket or boarding pass to a third country where you are planning to go within 72 hours.
(2) Boarding pass receipt of the previous flight.
(3) Valid passport with at least one blank page in it, visa for the final destination country (if the country requires a visa).
4. Please note that the stay beyond 72 hours will result in fines and deportation.

Created at : 18.04.2018, 18:00, Updated at : 18.04.2018, 19:00