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11,586 km². State (emirate) located in Southwest Asia on the Qatar peninsula (north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula). In the south it borders with Saudi Arabia, with all the other sides by the waters of the Persian Gulf. It has a maritime border in


All times are UTC + 3. Time difference between Astana and Doha -3 hours.

Holidays and public holidays:

December 18 - National Day.

Muslim holidays are celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

Weekend - Friday and Saturday.


Qatari Riyal (100 dirhams).


Tropical sea. In the period from May to September, the average temperature is +40 to +46 ° C, while the daytime temperature often rises to +50 ° C and humidity of the air, especially in coastal areas, up to 90%. From December to early March the average temperature of about +25 ° C.

Connections with the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Currently, direct flights between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State of Qatar are not available. Ongoing transit flights via Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, Dubai, Istanbul and Baku.

Requirements for entry, stay and transit:

Visa issues:

Visa Requirements. Documents required for visa:

- Three visa application forms (in English or Arabic), to the visa application should be accompanied by three photos;

- Invitation (fax) or proof of hotel reservation.

The term of validity of the visa to enter specified in the visa.

The minimum term of registration of documents - 5 working days.

Consular fee is 70 USD.

Visa (work, student, private) can be obtained at Doha international airport, if there is a written consent of the Ministry of Interior of Qatar. In this case the receiving party (the guarantor or sponsor) is required to pre-notify the Ministry of Interior of Qatar on the upcoming visit of a foreign citizen: to inform his passport details, flight number, date and time of arrival, and must specify the religion arrived.

The fee for a visa at the airport is about 70 USD.

A tourist visa is valid for 14 days and can be extended for another 14 days in the local offices of the Department of Immigration.

When proceeding through the country need a transit visa.

The validity of the passport:

Validity of passport should not be less than six months from the date of submission of the application for a visa.



Alcohol and cigarettes. The import of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

When you try to import alcohol in Qatar, he is withdrawn and returned to the customs authorities on departure from the country.

Weapons and ammunition. The import of weapons and explosives are prohibited.

Currency. Import and export of local and foreign currency is not limited.

Other. The personal baggage of customs duty exempt. Restrictions on the export of no.

Items prohibited

for import / export:

The import of:

- Drugs and narcotic drugs;

- Pork;

- Electrical and radio devices operating on international standards unauthorized communication frequency;

- Print, audio and video products containing materials that are contrary to the norms of Islam.



At the entrance to the country medical certificate is not required.



The import of dog fighting breeds.

To import the remaining animals must obtain a veterinary certificate to the Ministry of Agriculture of the emirate.

Traveller Security Issues:

Terrorist threat:

Qatar - one of the safest countries in the world.

The crime rate is extremely low.

Even at night you cannot fear any conflict situations, with the exception of sleeping areas (industrial zone, new built areas with a high concentration of laborers - people of Asian descent).

Road traffic:


Traffic in Qatar right hand.

A special feature is the presence of a large number of the roundabout, which has the advantage of being on the car round.

The main types of fuel:

Use three types of fuel: diesel, gasoline AI-92 and AI-95 and AI-97.

The average cost of diesel fuel - 40 dirhams, AI-92 - 70 dirhams, AI-95 - 80 dirhams per liter and 97 AF-1 riyal per liter.

Availability of parking spaces:

The parking spaces are located near the airport, major markets, shopping centers.

The average price for 1 hour of parking is about 2-4 riyals, up to 1 day - about 90-100 riyals.

The need for payment of road tax:

No any road tax and toll roads in Qatar.

The procedure for acquiring the compulsory insurance:

When buying a car you must buy a compulsory insurance policy, the cost depends on the choice of the insurance plan, the car, the driving experience, etc.

The possibility of using

driver's license of a citizen of Kazakhstan:

Kazakh National driver's license is valid only for a week after entering the emirate, the driver's license of international standard - within three months after entry.

For Qatari driver's license you must pass the exam and pass the inspection of an ophthalmologist.

For those in leadership positions, as well as doctors and engineers exam is not required.

Rental of vehicles:

Rental of vehicles can be arranged at the hotel or in the relevant companies (some have a representative at the airport).

Cost - 150 Qatari riyals per day.

Local laws and customs:

The established standards of conduct:

Qatar - a Muslim country, the basis of legislation is Sharia.

Women in public places should not wear the caller according to locals clothes (undesirable skirt above the knees, open back and shoulders).

To enter the mosque to non-Muslims is prohibited.

Penalties for

various types of crimes:


- For disorderly conduct - content of 1 to 3 days in the detention center and a fine and possible subsequent deportation;

- For attempting to import narcotics - imprisonment up to 50 years.

Marital law of the country:

At the court hearing on the rights of the former spouses in respect of minor children after divorce, as a rule, used the norms of Sharia, according to which children remain with their father.

Local legislation on foreigners purchasing property in the country:

The local law provides for the right of foreigners to purchase property in Qatar for 99 years with a possibility of extension for another 99 years (only in areas designated by the state).

In this case, the foreigner is entitled to issue a residence permit (the so-called resident visa) in the emirate.



health, typical disease:

The natural hazards include:

- A high level of solar radiation, it is possible to obtain a thermal (solar) stroke - should use sunscreen, sunglasses and clothing;

- Local food and water are a unique composition.

Dangerous wild animals and insects are practically no.

Other natural risks are unlikely risk of contracting typhoid fever, hepatitis B, and skin diseases.

From the typical disease can be called seasonal colds and flu.


The authorities have recommended a set of standard vaccinations against hepatitis.

Health insurance:

Health insurance is not mandatory.

In Qatar, as a rule, apply all of the major international medical insurance policies.

For advice please contact the company representing such services.

Urgent Care:

Emergency medical care, including dental, appears both in private and in public hospitals for adults and children.

Duty pharmacy located at major private clinics and public hospitals.

Additional Information:

Business climate:

Qatar pursues a consistent policy to improve the business climate in the country.

To open a company must apply to the Ministry of Commerce and the Qatar business, which issues a certificate of business registration.

In connection with the specifics of the local legislation for more than 90% of companies and entrepreneurs in the private sector have a Qatari partner, for which formalities must be secured at least 51% of the share capital (distribution of profits may disproportionately).

Opening of companies with 100% foreign capital possible in obtaining a special permit of the Ministry of trade and business, and only in certain sectors (science and technology, industry, education).

Useful phone numbers:

Police, emergency medical assistance, fire service, rescue service - 999.


Transport. The fare on public transport - from 3 to 5 riyals per trip, a taxi in the city - from 30 to 50 riyals.

Lunch in the restaurant of the middle class. The cost of lunch in a restaurant will be 120-150 riyals.

Room in the middle class. Room rates at the hotel of the middle class is about 700-1000 riyals.

Hours of operation of food and manufactured goods usually work from 08.00 to 22.00.

The presence of mobile communications. Mobile communication is carried out through two operators - "Ooredoo" and "Vodafone", allowing to operate 3G and 4G formats.

Availability of ATMs and credit cards are in almost all major shopping malls and hotels, credit cards are widely distributed.

Voltage network.

Mains voltage 220-240 V.

Distance from the city center, railway, bus stations and the airport, transport links with them:

The distance from the city center to the airport can be covered within 15-20 minutes by taxi.