Registration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and control of foreign institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan control over children who are the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, adopted by foreigners

The registration shall be made in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan before the departure of children outside the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the purpose of registration by adoptive parent or their proxies submitted to the Ministry the following documents:

1) an application for the registration of children (2 copies);

2) personal record card of the children (2 copies);

3) original copy of the passport of citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – the passport), issued to the child-citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, adopted by foreigners, with permit record of internal affairs authority about going abroad for permanent residence;

4) a certified copy of the child's passport (2 copies);

5) a certified copy of identity documents of the adopters (2 copies);

6) Two color photos of the child in size 3.5 x 4.5 cm;

7) a certified copy of birth certificate (2 copies);

8) a certified copy of the certificate of adoption;

9) a copy of the court decision to satisfy the foreigners' application for adoption, certified by the court (2 copies.).

Registration of children shall be made within five working days from the date of documents submission.

In case of incomplete data or incomplete package of documents, the documents for registration of children will not be accepted.

After the elimination of the shortcomings, the documents shall be submitted again on a general basis.

When the registration of the child a supplement shall be enclosed to the passport and affixed with a stamped.

In the absence of a supplement in the passport and of the stamp abouit registration, the child cannot leave the the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

After receiving the information from the Ministry, the consular officer of the foreign office shall immediately make a record in the log of children registration.

The consular officer shall, within its consular area, supervise the children until they reach lawful age and visit the adopters with the aim to inspect the conditions of life, education and health of children.

Adoptive parents shall submit to the authorized body reports on living conditions, education and state of health of the child adopted with a photo within the first three years after the entry into force of the court decision about the adoption every six months, in the next few years – at least once a year until the child reaches the age of eighteen.

When submitting a report through the foreign office, the consular officer shall send it to the Ministry for further transfer to the authorized body.

In case of change in the place of the child's residence, the adoptive parents within five business days shall send to the agency and the foreign office in which this child is registered, a notice about the change of place of residence of the child adopted.

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