World-famous Kazakh singer Dimash Qudaibergen performs first solo concert in London

Photo credits: Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Photographer - Nikita Bassov.

LONDON, 19 November 2018 – The world-famous Kazakh singer Dimash Qudaibergen performed his exclusive solo “DQ" concert at London's Indigo at The O2 Arena. The show was part of the Days of Kazakh Culture in the United Kingdom and was organised by Kazakhstan's Ministry of Culture and Sport, with the support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom.

Having learned about the upcoming concert of the Kazakh superstar, thousands of Dimash's fans from all over the world flew to the British capital. Among them were fans from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Mongolia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, and the USA.

About 100 fans of Qudaibergen welcomed him as he arrived at Heathrow Airport. To the sounds of Scottish bagpipes, fans greeted Dimash with posters, Kazakh flags, gifts and flowers. At the hotel, where the Kazakh star was staying, fans also lined up for autographs and to have a photo with their idol.

Concert guests began to queue at the entrance six hours before the start of the show. When the long-awaited star appeared on stage, the audience greeted him with applause and cheers – and did not stop chanting until the very last song. When the 2 ½ hour concert ended, the guests stayed near the stage for a long time and continued chanting Dimash's name.

“DQ" is an astonishing new concert programme by Dimash which features his greatest hits as well as brand new unique pieces performed exclusively in London. The concert included songs in Kazakh, Russian, English, French and Chinese.

Concert guests also heard the “S.O.S. D'un Terrien En Detresse" song, which Qudaibergen dedicated to Kazakhstani figure skater Denis Ten, who was the sport's first Olympic medalist from Kazakhstan and who tragically passed away this summer.

Dimash is a unique singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist with a record-breaking vocal range that spans 5 octaves, 4 notes and 1 semitone. All funds raised from ticket sales will be used to support young talents of Kazakhstan and help them participate in international contests and concerts.

Dimash's achievements include participation and victories in major music competitions such as “Singer" in China, “Voices of Baikonur", “Zhas Kanat", “Oriental Bazaar", “Meikin Asia", and “Slavic Bazaar". Dimash won the Artist of the Year Award at the Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards in 2018, the New Musical Force of the Year Award at the annual Weibo Awards in Beijing, The Most Popular Male Singer of the Year award at the IQIYI Awards and many others.

Created at : 20.11.2018, 15:00, Updated at : 20.11.2018, 15:00