​Kazakhstan Establishes Effective Institutions to Interact with Foreign Investors

NUR-SULTAN, March 28, 2019 – World practice, generating investment and promoting exports are closely interrelated, therefore the Kazakh foreign ministry is engaged in the overall coordination of both investment and export activities.

The analysis of domestic non-commodity exports showed that in recent years, the output of Kazakhstan's processed products sold to foreign countries has been growing at a fairly robust rate; the list of countries and goods supplied is also expanding.

Kazakhstan's exports in 2018 amounted to about $61 billion. The top 10 trading partner countries of Kazakhstan include: Russia, Italy, China, the Netherlands, the USA, France, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, Uzbekistan and Germany.

It should be noted that today the Kazakh foreign ministry, together with other state authorities, national companies and quasi-state organizations have defined export priorities, as well as conceptual approaches to the interaction algorithm.

A regulation has been developed for the interaction of all export players that will help to increase efficiency in promoting our products abroad.

Created at : 28.03.2019, 16:00, Updated at : 28.03.2019, 16:00