On the eve of the Day of the First President trees planted in the Nazarbayev grove near Jerusalem.

The grove was founded by the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS in April 2000 during the official visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to Israel. It symbolizes the recognition by the Israeli people of Nazarbayev's contribution to strengthening ties between the two states.

There are a total of six green areas in Israel, named after the presidents of friendly countries. Grove named after Nazarbayev is located in the forest, which was founded in honor of the President of Israel. Director of the Department of the Jewish National Fund, Yigal Yasinov, stressed that the President of Kazakhstan is the only head of a foreign state whose name is named a grove in this forest located in the center of the country.

“This testifies to the respect for a special level, which no one else here has received," added I. Yasinov.

Speaking about the development of bilateral relations, the representative of the Jewish National Fund noted that for several years productive collaboration and exchange of experience with Kazakhstani state structures and companies in the field of forestry and park management, water conservation, agriculture and other areas continues.

In the grove of N. Nazarbayev grows a carob tree, pine, walnut, oak and other trees. It should be noted that the site on which this popular forest camper was located was deserted until the mid-50s, and each tree in it was planted by hand.

Created at : 30.11.2018, 22:25, Updated at : 30.11.2018, 22:25