Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the deteriorating situation in the Middle East and Africa

Kazakhstan expresses its concern over the deteriorating situation in the Middle East and some African countries whererecent terrorist attacks inflicted numerous civilian casualties. Kazakhstan expresses deep condolences to the people of Tunisia, Kuwait, Egypt and Nigeria in connection with the deaths of citizens in the terrorist attacks.

As a part of the internationalcommunityKazakhstan strongly condemns terrorism in all forms and manifestations and stands for international and collective efforts to eradicate this phenomenon.Kazakhstan considers terrorism as a threat to the security of the entire world.

The position of the Republic of Kazakhstan is based on the principles of international law and relevant UN Security Council resolutions.We believe that it is necessary to work together under United Nations auspices against the spread of terrorism and extremism, and search for ways to solve economic and social problems, which deprive the majority of citizens in the Middle East of opportunities and prospects.

Created at : 7.07.2015, 09:23, Updated at : 7.07.2015, 09:23