The beginning of spring was greeted in Bucharest

On March 6th, in Bucharest, the diplomatic missions of the CIS countries took part in the celebratory event “Meet the Spring", organized by the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Romania.

In the Center Kazakh, Belarusian, Russian and Turkmen national corners was organized, and as visitors were representatives of academic and business circles, residents of the city, as well as Kazakh students, studying at leading universities in Bucharest.

The Embassy of Kazakhstan presented felt, souvenir products, as well as informative materials about the history and culture of our country, its achievements and modern development. Along with this, the guests had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with traditional Kazakh dishes, especially brightened up the festive event.

In the framework of the Program “Rukhani zhangyru", the Embassy is actively working to promote the culture and history of the Kazakh people in Romania. Thus, for the near future in Bucharest is planned the opening of an exhibition of paintings by the famous Kazakhstan artist Leyla Mahat (March 11), organization of showing Kazakhstan films during the 3rd Film Festival of the CIS countries «Wings» (March 12 - 15), as well as a number of events on the occasion of the holiday "Nauryz" (March 17).

Created at : 7.03.2019, 17:50, Updated at : 7.03.2019, 17:50