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Our young people have positive qualities such as commitment, strong faith in the future, inexhaustible energy and the desire to take the initiative in their own hands."

Nursultan Nazarbayev

The stable development of our state is ensured in many aspects by the forward-looking foreign policy helping Kazakhstan to take bold and confident steps into the future. Achieving Kazakhstan's recognition by the international community; ensuring international guarantees of its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; strengthening relations of good neighbourliness, partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation with the surrounding states and the world and participation in international organisations – all this has had a positive impact on the successful implementation of plans for the peaceful and stable development of our country.

The experience gained over the years of independence in the formation of our own diplomacy shows the depth and importance of the ambitious goals set, where realism, pragmatism and consistency are intertwined.

The ability and desire of the leadership of Kazakhstan to position the country in the international arena as an independent and sovereign player imposes a huge responsibility on the diplomacy for the subsequent implementation of foreign policy initiatives. It is clear that their successful implementation requires significant capacity to achieve all the goals.

Who will implement the foreign policy strategy of Kazakhstan in the coming years, who will determine the future of Kazakh diplomacy – the answers to these and other questions one can found in the collection “New Faces of Kazakh Diplomacy."

The collection of interviews of young diplomats was published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the eve of the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan. This project became part of the 100 New Faces national project supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Twenty-seven young Kazakh diplomats share their professional stories, emotions and vision of the future of our country in the next 26 years.

What is this collection about? About young Kazakh patriotism. About personal calling. About professionalism.

All participants of the project are diplomats by calling, graduates of prestigious universities of Kazakhstan and foreign countries. Among them are graduates of the Institute of Diplomacy of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan; three of them – Talgat Ketebayev, Aidana Satybaldiyeva and Dinara Zhumasheva – are currently studying at the institute.

Young diplomats already have some practical experience and achievements in the development of the international cooperation of Kazakhstan, organisation of high-level international events, negotiations, preparation of state visits of heads of state, etc. They share their stories on the pages of the book; some are amusing, some are tragic.

The main motivation to become a diplomat is the desire “to make a significant contribution to build our statehood" (Talgat Ketebayev); “to benefit the country" (Yerlan Zeineshev); “to contribute to the development of friendly relations and mutually beneficial partnership between Kazakhstan and the international community" (Bauyrzhan Zhaparov) and “to apply your knowledge for the good of the homeland and help build its image in the international arena" (Dias Aymenov).

Those who also dream of devoting themselves to diplomatic service will be interested to know what skills a modern diplomat should have. These are analytical skills, the ability to find the necessary information and predict the international situation, open-mindedness and a pragmatic approach to solving state tasks, high moral and ethical standards, commitment to responsible performance of their duties under any circumstances to protect the interests of our citizens and the state as a whole, communication skills, tact and goodwill.

“A diplomat serves as a reflection of his/her country. He/she should always be one step ahead." (Zhan Aydar Zhanbatyrov). “A diplomat should have a really good reputation in public, represent the high society of the Kazakh intellectual class and be a state-minded person and a high-ranking manager all in one." (Talgat Ketebayev). “A professional Kazakh diplomat is efficient and productive" (Artyom Kuzmin) and “embodiment of elegance, composure, politeness" (Madina Muratbekova).

However, the most important quality of a diplomat is patriotism, “faith in the country and upholding its interests in any circumstance" (Madina Muratbekova). “Every diplomat should be a great patriot of his/her country." (Yerlan Zeineshev). “Serving the interests of our Homeland is the top priority and lifework." (Gulsana Tulepbergenova). “Our citizens should have no doubt that in any case the interests of the country, its security and sovereignty will be effectively protected. A diplomat is part of the fate of the Homeland and feels like an integral element of it." (Dias Aymenov).

The task for the future for young diplomats is “to enhance and maintain the country's standing in public and political circles, as well as to promote the foreign policy initiatives of Kazakhstan." (Akmaral Belgibekova).

Over the years of independence, the Republic of Kazakhstan has launched a number of international initiatives aimed at establishing and maintaining inter-civilisation dialogue, stability and security. In all international initiatives of Kazakhstan, a proactive strategy is clearly visible, based on the connectivity of domestic and foreign policy processes in the context of globalisation. Specific achievements and the accumulated experience of our state are the logical outcome of the policy of the President of Kazakhstan. Today, the foreign policy strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is inseparable from his name.

“I believe that the 21st century will be a star century for the Kazakh people" – Nursultan Nazarbayev. In 26 years, Kazakhstan, in the opinion of young diplomats, will be among the top 30 developed countries of the world, play an important role in international political and economic forums and consultations, serve as a platform for negotiating the settlement of international conflicts and become a full member of the G20 and a permanent member of the UN Security Council. The headquarters of international organisations will be based on the territory of Kazakhstan; our country will become a global centre of attraction for investment, knowledge and technology and its capital, Astana, will be an important centre of global diplomacy.

In 26 years, Kazakhstan will be a prosperous country with stable positions and firm standing in the international arena, capable of making the world a better, more stable and safer place. We believe that young Kazakh diplomats will make all their efforts to make this happen.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Marian Abisheva – Director of the Institute of Diplomacy of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2008, she had an internship at the Institute for Higher National Defence Studies of France. She was trained for senior management positions at the Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies, College of Security Studies.

In different years, she held the following positions: Deputy Director for Research of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of Kazakhstan, Head of the Sector of the Analytical Department at the Security Council of the Presidential Administration and Chief Manager for Information and Analytics of Samruk Kazyna.

Her last position was Head of the Service of Geopolitics and Regional Studies of the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan-the Leader of the Nation.

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