Kazinform and Télam: interaction between Kazakhstani and Argentine news agencies

Buenos Aires, December 11, 2017 – The Memorandum of Cooperation between “Kazinform" Kazakhstan's state news agency and “Télam" the largest Argentine news agency was signed in Buenos Aires.

On the Kazakh side, the document was signed by the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Argentina with residence in Brasilia Kairat Sarzhanov, the Argentine side was represented by the President of the National news agency “Télam" Rodolfo Pousá.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Kazakh Ambassador noted the fact that Télam was one of the first news agencies in Latin America to establish cooperation with Kazakh media outlets and expressed hope that it would contribute to the development of the Kazakh-Argentine bilateral partnership.

“I hope that through the signing of this Memorandum we will establish fruitful cooperation between media representatives of our countries, which in the long term will contribute to the development of the Kazakh-Argentine bilateral partnership", - concluded the Kazakh diplomat.

Kairat Sarzhanov also stressed that partnership between Kazinform and Télam should help in promoting Kazakhstan's culture in Argentina within the framework of the modernization of Kazakhstan's identity program.

Created at : 11.12.2017, 21:00, Updated at : 11.12.2017, 21:00