General information

On June 12, 1992 – diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Italian Republic were established.

In October, 1992 – the Embassy of the Italian Republic in the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened (since April, 2005 is in Astana).

In 1996 – the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Italy was opened.

Since June, 2012 – the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Italy is A.Yelemesov.

Since June, 2011 – the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Italian Republic in the Republic of Kazakhstan is A.Pieri.

Political relations

For the last two decades the bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Italy has always been distinguished by partnership relations and mutual interests both in political and economic spheres. The parties have reached a strong political consensus in favor of further dynamicstrengthening of bilateral relations in all areas. The dialogue at the highest level is supported by the intensive contacts among the legislative, executive and judicial authorities.

In February, 2014 when the new government of Italy led by M.Renzi was formed, the main vectors of Italian foreign policy, including its relationship with Kazakhstan, remain invariable.

In terms of international politics the positions of Astana and Rome coincide on many important issues. Official Rome welcomes steps towards rapprochement of Kazakhstan with the European institutions expressing willingness to support those efforts.

Italy considers Kazakhstan as a geopolitical bridge between Europe and Asia and, being an active participant in the transatlantic partnership supports priorities of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy, including the CICA process. Besides, the Italian party supported efforts of Kazakhstan on a post of the chairman of the OSCE in 2010 OIC in 2011.

The President of Kazakhstan NursultanNazarbayev made official visits to Italy in 1994, 1998, 2003 and 2009. During the last visit in 2009 the Agreement on strategic partnership between Kazakhstan and Italy was signed

On 26 March and 2 April 2012 the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.Masimovhas held negotiations with the Prime-Minister of Italy M.Monti in Astana.

Visits of the Italian leaders to Kazakhstan: President Skalfaro in 1997, Prime-Minister Prodi in 1998 and 2007, Prime-Minister Berlusconi in 2008 (short-term visit) and 2010 (OSCE Summit).

Inter-parliamentary cooperation between Kazakhstan and Italy has been growing steadily. In 1997 inter-parliamentary friendship groups, having the mission to promote communication and exchange of experiences between the higher legislative bodies of the two states, were set up in the Parliament of Italy and the Mazhilis, lower chamber of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

In September 2011 within the 66-th session of the UN General Assembly Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan E.Kazyhanov met with the Foreign Minister of Italy Franco Frattini, who acknowledged the leading role of Kazakhstan in all spheres of regional and international relations, with particular emphasis on the emerging economy of the country.

Among the most significant events of recent years – visits to Italy of the Secretary of State - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan K.Saudabayev, parliamentary delegation of Kazakhstan headed by the chairman of the International Committees of both Chambers of Parliament, the Chairman of the National Bank Grigory Marchenko, the Chairman of the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance D.Yergozhin, the Chairman of the Committee for Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan A.Doszhan, Minister of Justice R.Tusupbekov, Minister of Oil and Gas RC S.Mynbaev etc.

Trade and economic cooperation

The ongoing development of trade and economic relations between Kazakhstan and Italy is continuing. According to the Statistics Agency, in 2012 bilateral trade between the two countries reached a record high - 16.425 billion dollars (exports – 15.466 billion, imports – 0.959 billion). in 2013 the trade turnover totaled 16.216 billiondollars (exports - 15.223 billion, import – 0.993 billion). Italy ranks third among the trade partners of Kazakhstan: currently, the share of the Apennines in the total turnover of the country is 16% (following Russia, China).

Kazakhstan mainly exports to Italy crude oil and gas condensate, oils obtained from bituminous minerals, liquid fuel (fuel oil), wheat, zinc, gold, copper and ferrous alloys.

In commodity composition of imports from Italy preferential place still remains for consumer goods. The second important group is machinery and equipment. Shares of all other commodity groups have not changed.

Italy is one of the largest foreign investors in Kazakhstan. According to the National Bank of Kazakhstan, the volume of direct Italian investments in Kazakhstan from 1994 amounted to 6 billion dollars roughly.

The number of joint Kazakh-Italian business enterprises has been growing steadily. Joint ventures are operating in the mining of minerals, agricultural products processing, food processing and light industry, agricultural machinery, energy, consumer goods production.

An important instrument for the development of Kazakh-Italian relations in trade-economic sphere is the Kazakh-Italian Intergovernmental Working Group on Industrial and Economic Co-operation and exchange (IWG).

In general, it could be said about the growing interest and confidence of the Italian business community in Kazakhstan’s companies. Italy is considering the Republic of Kazakhstan as one of the most dynamically developing countries of the CIS, as well as the state with a favorable investment climate, good conditions for doing business and a stable political system.

Cultural and Humanitarian cooperation

One of the main examples of the Kazakh-Italian cooperation in the cultural sphere is the archaeological mission, which began in 2001 and continues to this day. Research Topic: «Evolution of nomadic cattle-breeding communities in  Eurasian steppes. The formation and development of nomadic pastoral economy in Central Asia since the Bronze Age to the present day. Archaeological excavations, exploration areas, the research of environment and materials in place Taldysay».

Another example of collaboration in this sphere is a three-year international project between the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan and the Italian Research Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture «Onlus» with the financial support from the ENI Corporation. As a result of the first phase of the project there was published a collection of articles «Kazakhstan: Religion and Society». In 2011 the book «Guide to the religious sites in Kazakhstan» was published. The book was presented in the Kazakh-Italian conference «Scientific and cultural cooperation between Kazakhstan and Italy: uncovering the origins and identity», held at the University of Nazarbayev on November 28, 2011.

Since the integration of Kazakhstan into the world educational space a major focus of the Kazakh-Italian cooperation in this area is the admission of Kazakhstani higher education in the Bologna process.

In the frame work of the Tempus Program several of Kazakh universities collaborate with the University of Milan “Santa Cuore” on management of social work. The program provides training seminars and workshops, development of joint projects.

Also a number of separate visits of Kazakh teachers and scholars took place in various universities and research institutes in Italy.

There is an interaction with the various film festivals, cultural centers and foundations in Italy, among which, the Roman festival «Asiaticafilmmediale», «Levante International» (LIFF), the association «Arte e Spettacolo», cultural Fund «Pergolesi Spontini», etc.

In accordance with the agreement reached in 2009 between the Minister of Culture and Information M. Kul-Muhammed and the director of the theater "La Scala" Stephen Lessner of the internships of young talented musicians and singers of Kazakhstan, in 2011 ten leading opera singers of Kazakhstan increased their skills in this theater.

Rector of the Kazakh University of Arts Aiman​​ Musakhodzhayeva constantly gives concerts in Italy, there was also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Roman Conservatory «Santa Cecilia».

The official opening ceremony of the obelisk in honor of Kazakhstani soldiers who died during the liberation of the city of Trieste and the Gorizia region during the Second World War was held on April 25, 2010. Kazakhstan’s delegation of the World War II veterans attended the commemorative events.

After the devastating earthquake in the Abruzzi on April 6, 2009 which caused considerable damages to the Italian cultural heritage, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan decided to provide financial assistance amounting to 1 million 700 thousand euros for the restoration of the historic complex of St. Biagio from Amiternum.

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