Kazakhstan supports adoption of a new WTO rules aimed at improving the permit system in the services sector

Kazakhstan is actively involved in the process of developing the Rules on Domestic Regulation for Trade in Services of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The mandate of the WTO for developing of such rules is established by the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services, i.e. by its provision on the development of rules aimed at improving licensing system.

Within the membership to WTO and the Eurasian Economic Union, Kazakhstan undertook commitments on ensuring transparency and predictability of licensing requirements and procedures for carrying out business and investment activities. Therefore, the draft WTO Rules will completely address the national economic interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The document includes issues related to licensing, qualification requirements, technical standards in the services sector, as well as the issues of circulation of electronic document and effective administration of permits for rendering services. It is expected that the Rules will be adopted at the 11th Ministerial Conference of the WTO to be held on December 10-13, 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The WTO Rules on Domestic Regulation for Trade in Services are designed to facilitate reduction of administrative barriers, simplification of licensing procedures and provide effective electronic public services for the establishment and operation of business by services providers in Kazakhstan's market.

Created at : 28.09.2017, 09:20, Updated at : 28.09.2017, 09:20