Kamilla Sheryazdanova. Review of the Book “Mikhail Issinaliyev – the Politician and Diplomat: Documentary Essays”


PhD, Deputy Director of the

Institute of Diplomacy

of the Public Administration Academy under the President

of the Republic of Kazakhstan


of the Book Mikhail Issinaliyev – the Politician and Diplomat: Documentary Essays" (Compiled by

I.M. Kozybaev)

After the dissolution of the USSR, a number of young and independent states appeared on the world map, including Kazakhstan. The new time required a solution to many serious problems; the number of external international challenges was enormous and the foreign ministry had to work hard to develop regulations on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakh foreign missions, the status and duties of the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan and recruitment and training of personnel, which was much-needed for the full-fledged operation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the new geopolitical realities.

The state faced the task of fostering a new generation of diplomats that could protect national interests, implement foreign policy in different areas, contribute to a positive international standing of the country and create a favorable stable environment around Kazakhstan for the successful transformation. Experienced diplomats who studied in Soviet diplomacy schools were needed, as well as knowledge and experience to ensure recognition and support from international organisations (primarily the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), United Nations (UN), etc.) and expand ties with other countries.

Thanks to experienced diplomats, the foreign ministry of independent Kazakhstan took a firm footing, creating starting positions for establishing, expanding, deepening and promoting international relations with countries around the globe.

Mikhail Ivanovich Issinaliev is the bright star shining among the constellation of Kazakh diplomats; he left this world, but he also left his trace in the memory of fellow diplomats.

Professor Ilyas Kozybaev wrote the monograph “Mikhail Issinaliev – the Politician and Diplomat: Documentary Essays" dedicated to the prominent statesperson, politician and diplomat.

The author has carried out a lot of work to re-create a holistic picture of the life of the eminent diplomat. The book is based on a huge amount of new, intrinsically exclusive information that is almost impossible to be collected from other sources.

The book evidences how extensive and diverse was the professional biography of Issinaliev. It shows how much he did as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kazakh SSR. In particular, it should be emphasised that at that time the Foreign Ministry of the Kazakh SSR was lucky that such a persistent, principled and purposeful person managed the ministry. His actions predetermined some changes in the application of Issinaliev's rich practical experience, knowledge and professionalism.

The predominant part of the book quite fully reveals the personality and individual qualities of Issinaliev. He was very educated and smooth in communication with subordinate employees; he was respected among colleagues and friends even with regard to questions far from international affairs. Issinaliev had perseverance, patience and will and thanks to these qualities, despite the challenges of life, he kept self-control and stood fast in overcoming difficulties and pursuing his goals. He knew and comprehended other countries and other cultures very well and skillfully managed his subordinates to solve the tasks set.

Invaluable were his knowledge about his own country, its geography, history, culture, political and economic structures and institutions, human and economic resources and briefly speaking, everything that determined the priorities of our country's foreign policy. He was a genuine and honest diplomat who was able to think and solve various problems, properly assess the situation and clearly and skillfully express his point of view. He was not only smart, but he also had independent, unconventional thinking. At the same time, his understanding of diplomacy rested on precision, the correct statement of a position of our country and accurate formulations.

The synthesised diplomatic essays in the chapters describe in detail the activities of M.I. Issinaliev in the Komsomol and in the party. The section on foreign service and business trips of Issinaliev is well-shaped. Of high interest are archival materials, family correspondence and letters/memories of people close to him.

High-ranking diplomats well-known both in the country and in the world are among the students of Issinaliev. It was a truly great professional experience for young diplomats; it was a real opportunity to learn how to think, to learn how to express thoughts, to learn how to elaborate on a topic, to look for ways to implement a foreign policy task. The efforts of diplomat Issinaliev on personnel training have not disappeared and continue to generate value for the country.

The book attracts attention not only with its substantive content, but also with an intriguing composition, an innovative technique and a form used to present the material.

Many more kind words could be said with regard to the monograph under review and all of them would be completely fair. I wish the collection of works in the field of diplomacy to be replenished with precisely such works.

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