Kairat Abdrakhmanov expressed support for the activities of Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace

January 19, in New York, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairat Abdrakhmanov met with Chairman of the Global High-Level Group on Water and Peace, the former President of the Republic of Slovenia, Danilo Türk.

D. Türk presented the report of the group headed by him under the general title A Matter of Survival, which notes that the global water problem is not only related to development and human rights, but also to the most pressing issues of peace, security and the very existence of life on Earth and urgently requires an integrated and comprehensive solution.

The head of the Kazakh foreign ministry confirmed the importance of water issues for our country and the entire region of Central Asia and expressed support for the activities of the High-Level Group.

At the same time, it was stressed the critical importance of promoting the conclusions drawn by the members of the UN Security Council and within the framework of the General Assembly. The solution of problems related to the use of transboundary rivers and water resources on the basis of international law and the experience of different regions are of particular importance.

The High Level Panel on Water and Peace was established in 2015 at the initiative of Switzerland. Today the group includes Hungary, Ghana, Jordan, Spain, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Morocco, Oman, Senegal, Slovenia, Switzerland, France and Estonia.

Created at : 21.01.2018, 12:05, Updated at : 21.01.2018, 12:05