“Road to Mother” movie won the main prize at the International Film Festival in Croatia

On August 23-27, "Marco Polo" film festival in Croatia successfully hosted the premiere of "Road to Mother" historical drama, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and created by director Akan Sataev and general producer Aliya Nazarbayeva.

The International Film Festival under the patronage of the President of Croatia is annually held on the ancient island of Korcula, where the world-famous traveler Marco Polo was born, who in the 13th century walked along the Great Silk Road and visited East Turkestan. The motto of the festival "Silk Road - Path to Dialogue" reflects the importance of developing cultural and historical ties between the countries of Asia and Europe.

The festival featured feature films from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Korea, Turkey, Croatia and other countries. Kazakhstani historical drama about the power of maternal love and life challenges against the background of large-scale historical cataclysms of the twentieth century has won the hearts of spectators and guests of the film festival. After the premiere, the audience applauded warmly the performers of the main roles in the film "The Road to the Mother" - Adil Akhmetov, Altynai Nogerbek, producer Zharaskhan Kulpiyenov and members of the "Kazakhfilm" film crew. The jury of the festival "Marco Polo" awarded the film "The Road to the Mother" the main prize and presented special certificates to the members of the Kazakhstan delegation.

The premiere of the movie was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Croatia, jointly with JSC Kazakhfilm named after Shaken Aimanov, and was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Croatia. As part of the presentation of the movie, spectators and guests were introduced to "Kazakhstan - the country of the Great Steppe" exhibition, received information booklets and souvenirs with Kazakh symbols.

Created at : 28.08.2017, 11:40, Updated at : 28.08.2017, 11:40