Falcon 9 takes two Kazakh satellites into space

Falcon 9 brought two Kazakh satellites, KazSTSAT and KazSciSat-1, into Earth's orbit on 3 December 2018.

KazSTSAT was designed and manufactured as part of the implementation of agreements reached during UK Prime Minister David Cameron's official visit to Kazakhstan. All works on designing, assembling and testing the KazSTSAT satellite were carried out at the production facilities of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd in Guildford (United Kingdom) with the participation of a team of engineers from Ghalam LLP consisting of 15 people.

The second satellite, KazSciSat-1, was assembled by Kazakh specialists at the Space Technique and Technology Institute in Almaty.

Created at : 4.12.2018, 07:00, Updated at : 4.12.2018, 07:00