Based to the Family and Marriage Code which was passed on December 26, 2011 the government of Kazakhstan has introduced new regulation for the accreditation of adoption agencies. The Committee for the Protection Children’s Rights under the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan will begin accepting applications for accreditation and establishment of foreign adoption agency branch offices in Kazakhstani regions on April 9, 2012.

Foreign adoption agencies should assign an agent, who will be designated as the chief agent, of the adoption agency’s branch office in Kazakhstan. The adoption agency, or grantor, must submit a Power of Attorney for its agent. The POA must the following information:

1. Full name of agent
2. Date and place of birth of the agent
3. Citizenship of agent
4. ID number, date of validity and issuing authority of the agent’s ID
5. Tax payer ID number of the agent
6. Information about educational degrees of the agent
7. Information about the agent’s work experience
8. Contact phone numbers of the agent
9. Date and place of POA issuance
10. Period of POA validity. If POA is issued for an indefinite period of time, enclose an extract from the state law regarding POA issuance requirements of that country
11. Full name of grantor
12. ID number, date of validity and issuing authority of the grantor’s ID
13. Place of residence of grantor
14. What actions the grantor assigns the agent to do

The representative must have authority from the adoption agency to provide adoption assistance and to run a branch office in Kazakhstan according to Kazakh law.

The representative must submit seven copies of the application and supporting documents (2 original copies and 5 certified copies) in Kazakh, Russian and official language of the adoption agency’s country. Each set should be organized into a binder. All pages must have a page number in the upper right-hand corner. Each file must be accompanied by a table of contents.

Once accreditation is granted a representative can register a branch office in the assigned region and send a copy of registration to the Ministry of Education.

Contact information for Ministry of Education:

Phone #: +7-7172-742341, +7-7172-742342

Address: The Committee for the Protection Children’s Rights, 8, Orynbor Street, House of Ministries, Entrance 11. 

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