Cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the World Customs Organization

The Republic of Kazakhstan has been a member of the World Customs Organization since June 30, 1992.

Since joining the intergovernmental organization, Kazakhstan has actively participated in the international practice of customs administration, and also provides direct assistance to the organization by participating in meetings of its main working bodies. The Republic of Kazakhstan takes an active part in the work and sessions of the Finance Committee, the Policy Commission and the WCO Customs Cooperation Council.

For the first time, Kazakhstan was elected as a member of the WCO Finance Committee following the 97/98th session of the Council, held from 28 to 30June, 2001 in Brussels, for a period of one year. In 2006, Kazakhstan was elected as a member of the Finance Committee for a two-year term. In 2008, Kazakhstan was elected for a second two-year term as a member of the Finance Committee. In June 2014, Kazakhstan was elected as a member to the Finance Committee of the Organization for the third time with a term of membership until 2016, which was later extended until 2017.

In the period from 6 to 8July, 2017, the 129/130th session of the WCO Council was held, in which the Kazakhstan delegation took part. During the meeting, by the decision of the WCO Council, the Republic of Kazakhstan became an official member of the WCO Policy Commission (24 members out of 182 WCO member countries), which is one of the highest working bodies of the Organization. This membership will allow Kazakhstan to take part in consideration of the main important issues about functioning and development of the international customs community and to represent the interests of all CIS countries, including sub-region "East" in the WCO. Previously, Kazakhstan was a member of the Policy Commission from June 2005 to June 2007.

Kazakhstan's participation in the events of the World Customs Organization is marked by a range of different activities. Only in recent years, Kazakhstan has repeatedly held on its site the regional forums and workshops of the WCO Europe Region on such important topics as the development of institution of Authorized Economic Operators (2013), the improvement of the Customs Risk Management System (2014), the Customs-Business Partnership (2015), simplification of customs operations at the border and implementation of measures of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (2018).

In addition, Kazakhstan on an ongoing basis takes an active part in global conferences and the WCO law-enforcement operations (e.g., GRYPHON, PEGASUS, GAMMA, etc.) aimed at combating illegal cross-border movements.

These activities show a positive trend in the development of cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the World Customs Organization, in which Kazakhstan consolidated its achievement in cooperation with an intergovernmental organization – the membership of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the WCO Policy Commission was extended for a second year with terms of membership until July 2019.

More detailed information on the cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the World Customs Organization can be found on the website of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan at

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